Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Choose the path in College days

Everyone will step into the college life with an aim. Everyone would like to learn new things in college. Every thing is new in college compared to school. We can have lot of fun in the college days. The friends in college will come with you till the end of your life. Along with the fun, your future is depend on your college days. You should think about your future in your college days.

When your college ends, you are entering into a new world. People will expect more from you. You should be prepared for anything. You should be dare to face all the problems. The days between your college final day and the day you get the jobs is the most critical days in your life. You will feel bad in those days even you never take care of anything in your life. If you got the job within 3 to 6 months, you will not face any problems in your life. If you did not get within 6 months you have to answer everyone in your family, street, your parent friends and many more people.

To get the job within 6 months of time, you need to be prepared in the last semester itself. If you are prepared, even in the recession period you will get the job. Few ways are there to prepare for the interview.

First, Choose the Stream or the field you like to work.

Second, you need to have some list of companies in your field.

Third, you have to prepare a resume with your qualification, with your personal details, your interest, awards, courses completed, extra curricular activities. You have to mention the area of interest  in resume.

Be prepare for the question "Tell me about yourself ?". This is the question that judges your future. The HR will get to know about yourself with this question. The HR will listen you for just 30 seconds and decide to RECRUIT you or NOT. Get prepare for first 30 seconds. You have to tell your name, your positive, negative, your attitude and your achievements. You should be bold while taking to the HR. Your Voice should be in high Pitch.

College is the best place to practice to tell about yourself. Practice with your friends in free periods. Choose the area of interest in the college. Be the master in any one language and you should be adapt to the new languages also. It is not confirm that you will get the job in your area of interest.

Start preparing for the Interview in your college days itself. All the best for your future.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Freshers Recruitment in ZOHO CORP

This year has the great benefits for the fresher’s. Most of the software companies have started recruiting the fresher’s. Many of the companies have got new projects across world. Already HCL and Wipro have called the fresher’s to apply through online. Now ZOHO CORP is calling the 2010 and 2011 passed out students to attend the interview. The Interview is going to be held in the Velachery office on 19th and 20th of August 2011. To attend the interview, you need to apply in online.

The Link to register in Online is:

Click the above link and fill the online form. You will get the confirmation mail to your inbox to attend the interview.
Note: People who attended the interview within last 6 months are not eligible to attend this interview. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Freshers Recruitment in HCL

As the Software industry is growing, many companies are recruiting the fresher’s through campus interview, off-campus interview and through walk-in. Even all the companies are providing a good package for the fresh candidates. Now HCL is calling for the 2011 B.E, M.E and arts and science graduates. To attend the off-campus interview, we need to apply through online. Please find more details to apply for the HCL off-campus in the Jobs page. In the jobs page, you will find the eligibility criteria to apply for HCL campus and the online registration Link.

Note: If you are applying for the HCL interview, kindly post you details as comments. Post a thanks comment if you got Selected in the interview.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wipro interview in SJBIT college Bangalore

Wipro is recruiting students through campus interview in SJB Institute of technology, Bangalore. They are recruiting 2010 passed out students. Students have to register for the campus interview. Students are requested to send the mail to the following mail-ID with the resume.


Once we send the resume, they will send you all the interview details with the venue.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

File Systems in Unix OS.

many of you have heard about File system. But many of the people do not know about the file system. I am going to explain a few things about Unix file system. 

What is an File system?

In Simple words the File system is to organize the data in the computer that handled by the Operating System. 

Many OS's are available in the market. I am going to explain a few things about the Unix OS.  In the olden days like 1980's file systems were either disk based in which all the files were held on a physical disk or were RAM based. In the RAM based file system, the file system will be survive only till the system was rebooted. In the last 15 years many pseudo file systems have introduced. 

The Unix File system is a collection of  files and directories. It has the following properties. 

It has a root directory (/) that contains other files and directories. Most disk-based filesystems will also contain a lost+found directory where orphaned files are stored when recovered following a system crash.

Each file or directory is uniquely identified by its name, the directory in which it resides, and a unique identifier, typically called an inode.

By convention, the root directory has an inode number of 2 and the lost+found directory has an inode number of 3. Inode numbers 0 and 1 are not used. File inode numbers can be seen by specifying the -i option to ls.

It is self contained. There are no dependencies between one file system and any other.