Friday, February 25, 2011

An Introduction for HTML - part 1

HTML is the basic code for the websites. HTML is not a programming language. It is a markup language. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is easy to learn and easy to understand. Here the codes are called as tags. HTML is a set of mark up tags. HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle tags <,>

Eg. <html>

The tags started will be close with the tag using.  / is the closing tag.

Rules for the HTML.

HTML pages start with the tag <html> and end with the </html>.
The next is the head part <head> </head>
You can add the head part or else you can leave the head part.

The most important part is the body part. Body part is the texts and the images shown in the websites. 

body part starts with the tag <body> and ends with the tag </body>.

HTML doesn't need any tool to develop. Just notepad and a web browser is enough for HTML coding.

Try this code in your browser.

Hello Browser
<h1> Hello World </h1>
<h3> Bensh </h2>

Copy the above  code and save it in your desktop as Helloworld.html.
The saved file will be the html format. double click on the icon and you can view the result.

Will continue the tutor in the next posts.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

IOB recruiting 1000 probationary Officers

Indian Overseas Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank with headquarters in Chennai having geographical presence all over India and abroad invites applications from Indian Citizens for the post of Probationary Officer in Junior Management Grade Scale - I.

Indian Overseas Bank is one of the best banks in India Running by the Indian Government. People got job in IOB are settled in life. They will get more benefits than the salary.

The online Application starts from 8th February 2011 and the last date is 1st March 2011. Read the eligibility criteria before applying the job. 

Click here to know the details or view the job page of this website.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make Your life healthy with Operation Bootcamp

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Importance of Windows registry

Almost all the people are using the computers. Everyone knows to work with computer and they know how the computer is functioning. Every one knows the computer needs an Operating system to function. Without an operating system the computer is just and circuit board. Operating system is the soul for computers. Operating system also have many important functions and files. Registry is the very important file in the operating system. Like OS is the soul for the computer, registry is the soul for the operating system. If you own a computer, its better to know about registry's.

The registry is a simple, hierarchical database of information that Windows operating systems (and some applications) use to define the configuration of the system. Originally, in the early, simple days of Windows (16-bit Windows versions especially), the same information that is now stored in the registry was stored in text files. Though these text files were simple, their organization made access to the information they contained too slow to keep up with increasingly speedy technology.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Learn from the first class Essay Writing Service

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Combined Campus from Cognizant

Finally cognizant has announced its combines campus. I hope it is the last opportunity for the 2009 passed out batches. They are recruiting 2009 and 2010 passed out batches. They have the openings in IT, ITIS and in BPO. For ITIS and BPO they are recruiting both the 2009 and 2010 passed out batches. For IT openings they are recruiting 2010 passed out batches. Apply soon. Find the link to the registration form in the jobs page.
Click here. It will re-direct you to the jobs page.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Medical Tourism - A fastest growing industry

Medical tourism is traveling to another country to have a medical procedure performed at a lower cost. Even if you add the travel cost, you will save considerable amount of money. Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Most of the students doesn't know about this field. People joining in this course will get the opportunities in good companies and start their career when they finish their course. There are many things have to take to consideration while traveling to another country. Lot of things can happen in the travel. Traveling is fun and relaxation for most of the people. Your may miss your luggage, trip cancellation, some personal damages. There is no policies in the medical insurance to cover these losses. But you can cover these losses with the medical travel insurance. This insurance covers all your losses in the medical traveling. Choose the right insurance company before you take the medical travel to other country.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Feature from All for students

Hi Students,
           Some days back i have created a new pages for the students like jobs and E-Books. In the jobs page i will post the new openings in the software and in the technical companies. I have just uploaded 4 books in the E-Books page. I am gonna add some changes in the Procedure to download the E-books. By the next week i will list the engineering books in the E-Book page. All you have to do is to send a request with the list of books you want to the mail-id, You will receive the books to your mail within 5 days. Use the Feature and get the books you need.

Choose your right Compound pharmacy

Compounding pharmacy is the process of mixing drugs by a pharmacist or physician to fit the unique needs of a patient.Every people in this world will have some medical problems. Every one will take medicines for that. But most of the medicines have some side effects. Most of the ingredients in the medicines are non-essential for the treatment. With the compound pharmacy we can remove the non-essential ingredients from the medicines and have only the essential compounds for our treatment and we can avoid the side effects caused by the medicines. Compounding pharmacies will help you to choose the  right medical compounds for your treatment. Get the right compounds for your medicine from the compounding pharmacies.

A description of POSIX thread basics for C programmers. Part-I I

This post is the  continuation of my old post A description of POSIX thread basics for C programmers. Part-I

Errors like this will probably not occur all of the time and so can be very hard to track down. This becomes even more of a problem on a machine equipped with multiple processors, since multiple threads can be running at the same time on different processors, each of them modifying the same variables. The workaround for this problem is to use a mutex (mutual exclusion) to make sure only one thread is accessing a particular section of your code. When one thread locks the mutex, it has exclusive access to that section of code until it unlocks the mutex. If a second thread tries to lock the mutex while another thread has it locked, the second thread will block until the mutex is unlocked and is once more available.

In the last example, you could lock a mutex before you increment the variable X, then unlock X after you increment it. So let's go back to that last example. Thread A will lock the mutex, load the value of X into the registers, then increment it. Again, before it gets a chance to write it back to memory, thread B gets control of the CPU. It will try to lock the mutex, but thread A already has control of it, so thread B will have to wait. Thread A gets the CPU again and writes the value of X to memory from the registers, then frees the mutex. The next time thread B runs and tries to lock the mutex, it will be able to, since it is now free. Thread B will increment X and write its value back to X from the registers. Now, after both threads have completed, the value of X is incremented by 2, as you would expect.

Now let's look at how to actually write threaded applications. The first function you will need is pthread_create. It has the following prototype:

int pthread_create(pthread_t *tid, const pthread_attr_t *attr,  void *(*func)(void *), void *arg)

The first argument is the variable where its thread ID will be stored. Each thread will have its own unique thread ID. The second argument contains attributes describing the thread. You can usually just pass a NULL pointer. The third argument is a pointer to the function you want to run as a thread. The final argument is a pointer to data you want to pass to the function. If you want to exit from a thread, you can use the pthread_exit function. It has the following syntax:

void pthread_exit(void *status)

This will return a pointer that can be retrieved later (see below). You cannot return a pointer local to that thread, since this data will be destroyed when the thread exits.

The thread function prototype shows that the thread function returns a void * pointer. Your application can use the pthread_join function to see the value a thread returned. The pthread_join function has the following syntax:

int pthread_join(pthread_t tid, void **status)

The first argument is the thread ID. The second argument is a pointer to the data your thread function returned. The system keeps track of return values from your threads until you retrieve them using pthread_join. If you do not care about the return value, you can call the pthread_detach function with its thread ID as the only parameter to tell the system to discard the return value. Your thread function can use the pthread_self function to return its thread ID. If you don't want the return value, you can call pthread_detach(pthread_self()) inside your thread function.

Going back to mutexes, the following two functions are available to us: pthread_mutex_lock and pthread_mutex_unlock. They have the following prototype:

int pthread_mutex_lock(pthread_mutex_t *mptr)
int pthread_mutex_unlock(pthread_mutex_t *mtr)

For statically allocated variables, you must first initialize the mutex variable to the constant PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER. For dynamically allocated variables, you can use the pthread_mutex_init function to initialize a mutex variable. It has the following prototype:

int pthread_mutex_init(pthread_mutex_t *mutex,
   const pthread_mutexattr_t *mutexattr)

Now we can look at actual code as shown in Listing 1. I have commented the code to help the reader follow what is being done. I have also kept the program very basic. It does nothing truly useful, but should help illustrate the idea of threads. All this program does is initiate 10 threads, each of which increments X until X reaches 4,000. You can remove the pthread_mutex_lock and unlock calls to further illustrate the uses of mutexes.

Listing 1. Example Program

A few more items need to be explained about this program. The threads on your system may run in the order they were created, and they may run to completion before the next thread runs. There is no guarantee as to what order the threads run, or that the threads will run to completion uninterrupted. If you put “real work” inside the thread function, you will see the scheduler swapping between threads. You may also notice, if you take out the mutex lock and unlock, that the value of X may be what was expected. It all depends on when threads are suspended and resumed. A threaded application may appear to run fine at first, but when it is run on a machine with many other things running at the same time, the program may crash. Finding these kinds of problems can be very cumbersome to the application programmer; this is why the programmer must make sure that shared variables are protected with mutexes.

What about the value of the global variable errno? Let's suppose we have two threads, A and B. They are already running and are at different points inside the thread. Thread A calls a function that will set the value of errno. Then, inside thread B, it will wake up and check the value of errno. This is not the value it was expecting, as it just retrieved the value of errno from thread A. To get around this, we must define _REENTRANT. This will change the behavior of errno to have it point to a per-thread errno location. This will be transparent to the application programmer. The _REENTRANT macro will also change the behavior of some of the standard C functions.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Start your Low Cost Business after your studies

Getting a good job today is hard as compared to the olden days. The competition has increased and it will increase day by day. To get a good job, you have to wait for a minimum of six months to some years. Start a low cost business in the mean time and you can earn money when you finished your college. You can get many tips to start low cost franchise from the websites. Get the best low cost business by subscribe your name in the websites and start the best business that you can run. Take the business with the minimal risks, so that you can be in the safer side. Get to know about all the available low cost franchise and select the business that related to your studies. You can make your business successful when you choose the business related to your studies.

A description of POSIX thread basics for C programmers. Part-I

The purpose of this article is to provide a good foundation of the basics of threaded programming using POSIX threads and is not meant to be a complete source for thread programming. It assumes the reader has a good strong foundation in C programming.

A thread is sometimes referred to as a lightweight process. A thread will share all global variables and file descriptors of the parent process which allows the programmer to separate multiple tasks easily within a process. For example, you could write a multi-threaded web server, and you could spawn a thread for each incoming connection request. This would make the network code inside the thread relatively simple. Using multiple threads will also use fewer system resources compared to forking a child process to handle the connection request. Another advantage of using threads is that they will automatically take advantage of machines with multiple processors.

As I mentioned earlier, a thread shares most of its resources with the parent process, so a thread will use fewer resources than a process would. It shares everything, except each thread will have its own program counter, stack and registers. Since each thread has its own stack, local variables will not be shared between threads. This is true because static variables are stored in the process' heap. However, static variables inside the threads will be shared between threads. Functions like strtok will not work properly inside threads without modification. They have re-entrant versions available to use for threads which have the format oldfunction_r. Thus, strtok's re-entrant version would be strtok_r.

Since all threads of a process share the same global variables, a problem arises with synchronization of access to global variables. For example, let's assume you have a global variable X and two threads A and B. Let's say threads A and B will merely increment the value of X. When thread A begins execution, it copies the value of X into the registers and increments it. Before it gets a chance to write the value back to memory, this thread is suspended. The next thread starts, reads the same value of X that the first thread read, increments it and writes it back to memory. Then, the first thread finishes execution and writes its value from the register back to memory. After these two threads finish, the value of X is incremented by 1 instead of 2 as you would expect.

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Spend your Holidays at Virginia Beach Fishing Charter

As Students, you will be busy in all the times. You will have lot of works in the college like case study work, project work, assignments, exams and many more tensions. But at the same time we should spend some time for entertainment. In your childhood many of you might have went with your dad for fishing in Sunday's. With the tight schedule of college you might have not went for fishing. Give a break to you college works and have some time for fun. Arrange an get together with your class mates to the Virginia Beach fishing. It is the best place for your entertainment for the weekend if you loves fishing.There you can have an unforgettable fun in your life with fishing experience. With the advance booking you will get an separate boat for yourself and your friends alone enjoy in the Virginia Beach fishing. You can book the boat for the weekend in online. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Linux commands for beginners

Most of the back end servers and the back end process will be in Linux and Unix platform. It's better for the students to learn basic Linux commands in the college days itself. You can learn the basic Linux Commands from the discussion forums. Linux and Unix commands are similar. Only few commands in Linux will differ. Get some knowledge from the technical forums about the Linux. This will be helpful in the Interview aspect. You will get more knowledge in Technical forums than in the tutorials and materials.