Thursday, February 10, 2011

Importance of Windows registry

Almost all the people are using the computers. Everyone knows to work with computer and they know how the computer is functioning. Every one knows the computer needs an Operating system to function. Without an operating system the computer is just and circuit board. Operating system is the soul for computers. Operating system also have many important functions and files. Registry is the very important file in the operating system. Like OS is the soul for the computer, registry is the soul for the operating system. If you own a computer, its better to know about registry's.

The registry is a simple, hierarchical database of information that Windows operating systems (and some applications) use to define the configuration of the system. Originally, in the early, simple days of Windows (16-bit Windows versions especially), the same information that is now stored in the registry was stored in text files. Though these text files were simple, their organization made access to the information they contained too slow to keep up with increasingly speedy technology.

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