Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tips for Final Year Project

Every professional course will have the Project in the Final year. The Education includes the project for the students to get an project experience before they enter to a company. Project is for the students to d themselves. But nowadays people are doing the project on their own. Most of the students are buying the project from the project centers and submitting the project in their college and score their marks. It is not the way to submit the project. We have to do our own project. 

Doing the project on our own will give us the confident to do the work in the company from the beginning stage. People get the project from the centers will suffer in the office at the beginning. I faced the same problem in my office. I did not did the project on my own. I got the project from the project center and submitted in the college. That time i did not worried about the future. Later i understood the mistake i have done in my college. Do not do the mistake of doing the project in the project centers. 

Tips to Start the project:

Start thinking of your project in the 3rd year. Decide the platform of your project. Read many presentation papers from online to get more ideas. The best way doing the project is to select your interested subject. Many people will choose the technology and think about the idea. Don't do that. First think the idea, get a logic, design the project and then select the technology suits for the project. Keep in mind "Projects are not meant for technology, Technology was discovered for the projects". 

The best time to start the project is the 7th semester. In many colleges, they will start the project in the 8th semester. To get the better results start your project in the 7th semester.

Speak with your college staffs who are well known about the subject and about the area your took for the project. Get the help from them. Start coding from the 7th semester. Learn the languages and the tips for doing the projects. 

Think only about the project in the 8th semester. Try to innovate some new, good stuffs in your project. 

While doing project on your own, you will get to know many things in the technology wise as well as in domain. Get help from the people working in the domain you have choose. They will help you more than your college staffs. You can get the help for any technology and for any domain in online with the forums.  All the best for your project. 


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