Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Education an Business

Education is important to the family as well as to the country. Education is more having a land more than acres. When one got the proper education he can survive anywhere in this world. In the olden days the education is like an service. Many people had spend their whole life for education. But in nowadays the whole situation has changed. The Education has become the business. People are starting the schools and colleges for earning money only. Providing the education has become secondary. The new colleges and the schools are opening with the aim of earning money. In Chennai for my friend sister’s daughter LKG admission they paid Rs.50000. After that term fees, tuition fee, sports fee and many other fees. For colleges even more high. For the engineering college the donation is vary from Rs.100,000 to Rs.2,500,000. Most of the colleges are started by the politicians. In Tamilnadu alone there are more than 600 Engineering colleges are there. People got very less marks also get admission in engineering colleges and in the medical colleges by paying money to the colleges. The result is the students will not shine in college also and at the last the Unemployment has arise. By the latest trend everyone is going to study Engineering and the admission in other fields has reduced. Due to this competition has increased in the engineering filed and in other field the companies are struggling to get the employees. According to a census the ratio of unemployment in engineering is higher than other fields in India. Government has not taken any steps to this situation. They are allowing to built more engineering. Every politician is looking for the money. Instead of this they can introduce other courses that is not available in India. They can take steps to implement the educational courses that is not available in India. Agriculture is the backbone of India. But the agriculture is dying. They can introduce the R&D for the agriculture field and make the students attention towards agriculture. Even we are in Software field, we cannot program to produce the food or we cannot eat he computers. We can eat only the rice and wheat. Education is needed for everyone but the education should be helpful for the nation’s growth in all the aspects. Our body will be look healthy only if all our parts are healthy. If only one part was healthy, then it is a disease.


  1. good info. About money, people will ignore anything, including the quality of education. anything that politicized every thing will produce less good.

    1. I cannot agree more. Education has become a means of earn money. The major motive behind opening schools and colleges is not to give education but to earn as much money from students as possible. The cost of education has been raised.

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