Sunday, December 12, 2010

IGNOU Best Distance Education Unversity

Many people couldn’t continue their higher studies in college due to their personal reason or because of their family situation. But the people can do the degree courses in distance education universities. There are many universities are there to provide the distance education. But not all the universities certificates are valid. Only few colleges certificates are considered in the companies. One among the university is IGNOU- Indra Gandhi National Open University. This university have the study centers in 30 Countries. As compared to other universities This university is far better than any other distance education universities in India. This university contains almost all the management courses and the degree courses. IGNOU contains admission in two times. Regular admission in September and the year admission in January. For January admission we have to apply the OPEN-MAT exam in and write the exam in September. The admission will be done in December. Many of the companies will accept the degree from IGNOU university. The IGNOU university is best for the people working and want to finish their dream degree. The degree from IGNOU will be helpful in the future carrier.


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