Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trick to list the links in the Google search page

As students we will use the internet for our assignments and for our projects. Some students will even use the internet for their knowledge. I hope 99% of the people will use the Google search engine. Have you ever wondered how the search engine is listing the website links and most of the times some websites link will always in the top. The link of some websites will always be in the first page. To bring the link in the first page is very simple. 

There are many ways to bring the link to the first page. First the topic should be simple. The topic should be chosen in such a way that relevant to the topic and should contain the hot keyword of the users search. For a particular topic people will search the content with similar keywords. If the keyword matches to the topic, the link will be displayed in the Google pages. If many people clicked the link, the link will display in the first page of Google search engine. 

The second way to list the links in the first page is to submit link in the social network sites and the links exchange sites. When the link was submitted in these sites many people will visit the website through the links. This will bring the traffic to the websites and the site will get the page rank according to the popularity of the link and by the quality of the contents. 

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